14. Proclamation Sealings  

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Proclamation Sealings
To Declare your Nationality / Status is the first thing, as Declare means to "be clear".  To Proclaim means it is written.  We provide approximately 9 Locations to give "Lawful Notice" and a cover sheet to accompany it.  Your Proclamations are not a contract with RV Bey Publications orwith anyone.  it is YOU making a "Lawful Notice" claim.  In these days and times and however we choose to disseminate the barage of chaotic happenings, it has  been stated "If you do NOTHING else, Declare YOUR Nationality.  In this seemingly "new era" of time, you must Proclaim YOUR National name. Send ll Inquiries regarding Proclamations to rvbeyorders@gmail.com

Proclamation Process
  Price $25.00