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101 Questions

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Addressing Misunderstandings
In this time when consciousness i rising regarding History, Heritage and Truth,this booklet is a MUST READ.  Designed to address misunderstandings regarding Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali (Noble Drew Ali) and the Moorish Divine and National Movement of the World.  If you are looking to clear up concepts and answer questions, this book is for you. 

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Circle 7 Holy Koran
This booklet was divinely 'prepared' by Prophet Noble Drew Ali.  It is a wonderful oracle with divine instrutions for every facet of your life.  Some portions are from the Aquarian Gospel, an author-less ancient recording of the Akashic records.
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Forced to Make Changes

Everyone is forced to make changes, as already addressed by Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

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M.S.T.A. Degrees
M.H.T. of S & M.S.T. of A. Degrees    
This booklet of Degrees provides much of the information many have been searching for (and have probably had a difficult time obtaining), regarding the Moorish Holy Temple of Science (M.H.T. of S.) and the Moorish Science Temple of America (M.S.T. of A.) as established by Prophet Noble Drew Ali, and registered by Him as a CIVIC ORGANIZATION during the calendar year of 1925, as the science of government was the major thrust of the Moorish Movement, dealing with the return of a vast Estate.  Law governs all events. Religion is Law, Order, and Governmental Principles.  This Degree booklet includes "7" Tests that are presented with ANSWERS. 
"This is not a secret organization".  
Are you having a difficult time getting through the doors to receive knowledge regarding the M.S.T.A.?  

Are you finding it even more difficult once you get through some of those doors, that (if you get there) it even harder to obtain information? 

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Moorish Literature

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Mysteries of The Silent Brotherhood of The East
Some call this an addendum to the Circle 7, others call it the 'Red Book' and others the "Book of the East".   It contains prophetic akashic records writings, particulary Chapter 8 as it pertains to NOW!:

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Oral Statements Of The Prophet
Know what Prophet Noble Drew Ali said, as the times are upon and unveiling "Why" he said it. 

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Pocket Circle 7 Holy Koran
Divinely PREPARED by Prophet Noble Drew Ali, as "Holy Instructions" includes some Aquarian Gospel writings, which are ANCIENT and not written by Levi.  Discovered and uncovered, but not authored.
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