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Circle 7 Courses
Circle Of Life
If you know your Astrological Chart (Personal Navigation Map), you can do your own reading with this analysis by C.M. Bey, a Master Astrologer and 33 1/3 Degree Mason.
  Price $5.00 

Clock Of Destiny I
This is Book 1of 2, filed in the Library Of Congress (Public) by Author C.M. Bey, a true Humanitarian.
  Price $5.00 

Clock Of Destiny II
Book 2, by Author C.M. Bey, a great Humanitarian Treatise.
  Price $5.00 

The Oracle
The Astrology Signs, their food stuffs, flowers, cell salts, colors, favored time of the day, polar reflections, etc.  A simple guide to each Astrology Sign.
  Price $4.00 

The Zodiac & Salts of Salvation
Written shortly after turn of century 1918, when most writers wrote openly regarding the "true" relationship of man and science.  Great Ancient and Biblical References.
  Price $5.00 

Why Astrology
If you intend to get off of this fickle wheel of fate, you must know how.  This is designed to give you the reason "Why" you need to be interested in navigating from this earthly point.
  Price $4.00 

Zodiac Constitution
You might laugh at the thought of such a Constituency, but if so, you have not done your Math.  C.M. Bey explains the Constitution of the Science Of Man and how it is assimilated into Civics and Societies. 
  Price $3.00 

Zodiacal View On You 1 "How To Interpret Your Natal Chart"
We all are different, we are all "marked" from conception to birth.  The location of the planets create geometrical aspects to each other.  Their energy then affects you in the specified facets (12) of your life.  How To Interpret, teaches you what a Square, Sextile, Trine, Conjunct means to help  understand the energies that make up you.
  Price $5.00 

Zodiacal View On You Vol. 2 "Psychology of Astrology"
There is more than meets the eye when looking at the Astrology Wheel.  There are 3 "Holy Crosses"  that sit upon it.  
  Price $5.00