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A Truth About Birthrights:
There is much information regarding Nationality and Birthright. What lacks is the correct concept of what Nationality and Birthright is, and how the lack of knowing and exercising substantive birthrights have affected the Social, Political and Economic conditions. 

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A Truth About Your Hair:
Hair is your antennae.  Once vibrating so high, that the turban, a national headdress, was worn to tune out the clutter.  Aunt Jemima's red scarf was the last remnant of the "sea of red".  Replacing it with a  beautifully adorned turban, would have been better than the "perm" which kills the hair. 

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A Truth About Your Health:
Natural Medicine, Herbs and Teas, etc. are NOT ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES.  Alternative Medicine is what is modernly being dispensed to the People, by the true DRUG DEALERS, equipped with Drug Stores found in every neighborhood.  

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Are You In Denial Of Ancestry
A Must for basic understanding.  The Writer shares with you, as the information unfolded to them, the importance of what we don't know, and what we need to know regarding our long denial of Ancestry.
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Obama's "New Beginings" Speech In Cairo

We thought it important, as publishers and authors dedicated to the “upliftment of fallen humanity”, to make Obama's "New Beginnings" speech as available as we possibly could, as it holds many truths to be evident, and supports the true intent of Law and human nature.

For the cover we thought appropriate to use the photo of a young son, on a separate occasion, visiting the white house, feeling Obama’s head /hair.  It is as if the son is validating with Obama: “I am you — you are me — Just checking.” It is however, a message that breaks down the stereotypical identifications regarding hair.



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Tribute To Inventors:
After being asked to Report of the Contributions made by so-called "Black" People to the American Culture, it became clear that the question ought to have been:  "What didn't they contribute?"  Even more curious is time-frame pf inventions, most being 1600's when they were supposed to be slaves who were illiterate, and when America as we know it, didn't exist.  These facts make you think and research deeper.

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Who Are Moors / Asiatics / Americans?
Who Are Moors / Asiatics / Americans? Are You In Denial of Your Ancestry? - Pt. 2. This books provides a level of refinement of the truth as to who the true Aboriginal Americans are. Includes a Directory of aboriginal appellations of the land and meanings.    

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