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Civic Class #2 - Establishment of Constitution & Treaty

Contrary to belief, the documents of American History show and prove that the Modern European, erroneously referrred to as "white people", were working the plantations as British Subjects, who Declared their Independence, particularly after being frustrated with the brutal treatment and taxing laid upon them by the British, as the "Stamp Act of 1756 and the "Boston Tea Party" proves beyond a doubt.  Once they came to the existing Continental Congress at Philadelphia on September 5th, 1774, they became Associated (Articles of Associaton 1774).  They were advised to write up their "Declaration of Independence".  After receving that independence FROM THE BRITISH 7 years later in 1783 (Treaty of Paris"), Now, they must be given the rules of the Sea (Treaty of Peace & Friendship" 1787) and the rules of the land (Constitution, ratified 1791). 

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