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1. Civic Concept Introduction Series:
2. Civic History / Ancient Concepts:
3. Active Civics:
4. Zodiac Science Series (Cosmology / Astrology):
5. Moorish Divine & National Movement Study Tools:
6. Lesson Books:
7. Talking Books
8. Audio Lectures on CD
9. Identification Cards & Re-Prints
10. Congressional Records
12. Join Live Classes Weekly
13. Civic Recorded Classes
14. Proclamation Sealings
16. Monthly Presentments
Circle 7 Courses

INlightened Asiatic the world hears, learns and knows the Truth, there is a call out

“Come ye Asiatics”


Bring your KNOWledge, Wisdom, and INsight to the on-line Study and Build sessions with Kareemah Bey every 3rd Monday of each Month @ 7:00 pm EST. 

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